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HP-0066 Card case

HP-0005 Carry bag XL

HP-0035 City backpack M

You. PURE. Fits! We love fashion and make accessories with heart and mind that fit you. Our bags and backpacks should support you, be fun and make a statement. A statement in sustainability, fairness and quality. Learn more about our vision, our production and our love for hemp.

Hemp – an amazing plant

From food to textiles to insulation, there are uses for almost every part of the hemp plant. Robust, resistant to pests and fast-growing, it requires no pesticides or herbicides. The fact that hemp requires little water in the process is another plus for the environment. In combination with organic cotton (kbA), the unique and sustainable

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Hemp cultivation

Hemp has been cultivated for over six millennia and is thus one of the oldest cultivated plants of mankind. China is the botanical home of hemp. Asian farmers have never stopped growing and utilizing hemp. The largest and most important cultivation area in the world is still located there today.

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PURE stands for a responsible approach to people and nature. Therefore, safe production conditions and respect for human rights are particularly important to us. Our production facility is audited according to BSCI. BSCI stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative and includes optimized social and environmental standards. This ensures basic employee rights, such as the prohibition

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